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Glenbrae Finest British Knitwear

Founded in 1914, Crosland Heath, near Huddersfield is a perfect example of an Alister MacKenzie golf course, and has been voted one of the top 50 winter courses in the United Kingdom.

In keeping with many other celebrated clubs, Crosland Heath maintains a strict dress code and club-crested knitwear is almost a prerequisite of membership. Richard Lambert, the Head Professional noticed there were significant returns due to flawed products from their previous supplier. Since Richard switched to Glenbrae he has seen uplift in product quality. Richard also puts the success of the club-crested knitwear range down to the fact that Glenbrae has a ‘style for all’ and that the bespoke service has been so successful.

"I want the best quality; I don’t want my crest on anything that might devalue it. With Glenbrae, the crest is always done perfectly, nobody else can manage that.”


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