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A Collaboration with McNair

After recently reading an article on Linked In by The Guardian that stated ‘UK TEXTILES FEATURED IN JOBS ON THE ENDANGERED LIST’ it got us to thinking how this was thoroughly unfair and unjustified.

While textiles has been a difficult trade to be in throughout the last 10 years so many companies have been innovating and changing direction-mostly into the high quality market as with UK wages and gas/electricity bills as they are, we cannot compete with cheap imports. Here at Glenbrae, we are so proud that we make all of our products in our own mill in the U.K and employ 180 local people. We also aren’t the only local company employing people in the textile trade in Slaithwaite.

We have recently collaborated with McNair Mountain shirts who are literally based a stone's throw away across the canal While they specialise in ‘shirts’ which are more of an overcoat without the bulk and keep you lovely and warm, there was an opportunity for us to work together regarding some hats and neck warmers that they were wanting to source to complete their collection. We have a very similar philosophy to each other in that quality can never be compromised, all items are hand finished, the end user is what is considered first and then the product is made to fit that lifestyle-and of course-our products are MADE IN HUDDERSFIELD. We are so proud that there is still a textiles trade in Huddersfield (and in that we include the weavers and finishers that all have fantastic reputations) and between us, we will keep the UK textile trade alive…………… and that is just on this side of the Pennines! 

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