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Behind the Scenes of a Glenbrae Photoshoot

Spring/Summer 2018 may seem like an age away, but for us, it is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing… it was time for a new photoshoot!

We called upon the expertise of Richard Littlewood, a photographer we have collaborated with on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with, whether it be shots of our garments or landscape pictures of our mill in all its glory. Richard specialises in heritage photography within the textile valleys, which makes him the perfect fit for us and our brand.

With this in mind, it wasn’t a tough decision when we had to think up a set for our photoshoot. We decided that the only place to conduct it would be within the walls of our beloved mill. With an abundance of interesting and authentic backdrops, we’d be daft not to! Over 2 days, we had around 40 shots to take, so we were up against the clock!

On the first day, we had our handsome model, John, who was as accommodating as ever and had lots of questions about the history of the mill and the garments in general. Our Brand Director, Alan, was overseeing the shoot and was armed with all of the answers. Charlotte, our in-house designer did a fantastic job of directing the shots with her eye for detail.

We had two new men's styles to snap, both in our Spirol Merino, which we are keeping hush hush for now. We also have some new colours coming, as well as some fresh colourways in our standout Merino Contrast Zip Neck.

For the second day, we had the beautiful Lanna as our female model, who does our sweaters the utmost justice every time she wears them. Equally, for the women, we had new designs to shoot too, but you will have to wait a few months to see what they could be.

We used an array of locations around the mill. We shot across the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor, we also used the basement and the beautiful hidden gem... the boiler room!

Some of the unexpected dilemmas of the job were trying to catch the goods lift on its journey from floor to floor. It has such great backdrops with the (genuinely) distressed metal and paint, plus the safety gates so we just had to use it. We hung around waiting for the lift constantly pressing the buzzer, but we finally got our shots. The vacuums on the spinning machine were also rather amusing as we only had a couple of minutes to shoot as they move up and down the machines.

It was great to see the garments coming alive within the mill, where everything starts. We can’t wait to share our new pictures with you, they look stunning and we really are impressed at how striking and sleek the garments look. Keep a look out and see for yourself. All will be revealed in the coming months. 

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