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Colour of the Month - Cranberry

Cranberry is our festive colour of the month for December, a rich shade of red, not too bright and perfect for the season. 

European settlers in America called the plants Cranberry because the flowers produced by these bushes looked like the bill of a crane.  Cranberries were used by the Native Americans as a food source, as a medicine to treat wounds and as a fabric dye. They call them Sassamanash.

Today cranberries are a very important commercial crop in the US and Canada. They are grown in beds that can be flooded during the harvest when you will see a carpet of the berries floating on water – an amazingly vivid sight.

We love cranberry sauce with our Christmas dinner, but they also give a touch of colour and fruity flavour to a casserole at any time of year, and you can’t beat a cranberry muffin.

As Cranberry is our last Colour of the Month for 2017, we are offering you the chance to win one of your very own. Follow the link to enter- 

The giveaway ends 31/12/17, but don't worry, if you have missed our Colour of the Month giveaways for 2107, keep your eyes peeled for what we have in store for you next year. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for buying Glenbrae products during 2017 and to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

See you in the New Year.

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