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Colour of the Month- Emperor

Our colour of the month for this month is Emperor. Similar to Royal Blue, Emperor is associated with ceremonial & special occasions.

The shade Emperor gets its name from its connotations to royalty. Centuries ago, the only way purple fabric could be obtained was by using a small mollusc that was exclusively found in a specific area of the Mediterranean sea (you learn something new every day). It was so expensive and luxurious that only royalty could afford it. Nowadays it is much more accessible but still, holds its regal status.

Compared to other shades of purple, we think our Emperor shade is unique and recognisable for its vivid yet deep tone.

Our dyeing process is meticulous so that when you buy an Emperor sweater, you will always get the richness in colour. Because, although performance is high on our agenda, we are also well known for our colour quality.

If you are now thinking you would love to own one of our brilliantly dyed Emperor sweaters, you’re in luck. For each month of the year, we are giving you the chance to win one of our sweaters from our Colour of the Month series, in your choice of any available style.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a Glenbrae Emperor sweater is follow this link:-

This giveaway ends 28/02/17, but keep your eyes peeled for our next Colour of the Month for March…


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