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Colour of the Month- Iris

Our colour of the month for August is Iris, a rich deep purple with a hint of blue which features in our ladies collection.

We have taken our inspiration from the Iris plant although the name goes right back to ancient Greece.  Iris was the name of a messenger of the gods and she is the personification of the rainbow in Greek Mythology. 

Just like a rainbow the iris plant comes in a myriad of stunning colours.  The yellow version is native to many parts of the British Isles and likes wet or boggy ground. You may be more familiar with the ornamental irises you can see in many home and botanical gardens and there are more than 300 species that are called Iris.  They are perennial, hardy and easy to grow as well as attracting bees and butterflies to your garden.

If you are lucky enough to travel to Florence you might want to catch their annual iris growers competition, which has been held at the romantically named Giardino dell'Iris since 1954. The iris has been the symbol of Florence since 1251 and these gardens feature more than 1,500 varieties.

Many of our garments are available in our Iris shade from crew and V-necks to zip necks and scarves across merino and lambswool so you can bring some of this incandescent colour in to your wardrobe.


All of our premium quality garments are hand-finished at our factory in Derbyshire by our hugely skilled staff.  It takes a lot of training to make it in to our hand finishing team, so you can be sure that the final touches that make our garments so unique are all expertly performed.

Take a look at our Iris collection here. You can also enter our monthly giveaway of a sweater in our Colour of the Month by following this link- 


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