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Colour of the Month- Lagoon

Lagoon is September’s colour of the month. An ethereal shade of pale blue that is exclusive to our women’s collection and a beautiful addition to your wardrobe whether you are on the golf course or at work.

A lagoon is a shallow body of water, separated by rocks or reefs from the sea and the word conjures up exotic shores. Because the water isn’t very deep in a lagoon, the sea is a distinct, pale blue. From the air, you can clearly see the difference. They are a wildlife haven, perfect for snorkelers and beachcombers to explore with many fish and crustaceans spending their entire lives in these warm waters. The word lagoon actually comes from the Italian, Laguna, which refers to the waters around the beautiful and historic city of Venice. 


No matter what your size, our women’s garments are a perfect fit, thanks to the seamless technology we employ in their manufacture. The sleeves and body are all knitted together, using the best knitting machines money can buy.  Then they are carefully joined at the underarm before the top of the garment is completed – quite a feat of engineering!

Is Lagoon your colour or know someone who it would suit perfectly? Well, we have our monthly Colour of the Month giveaway where you can win a sweater of your very own. Follow the link to enter- Ends September 30th, midnight. 

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