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Colour of the month – Mist & Moon Blue

This month we are feeling the blues with two delightful shades for you.  In menswear, we have a wonderfully pale blue called Mist and in ladieswear a delicate shade called Moon Blue. 

We have chosen these shades because they remind us of the lovely spring skies that we hope to see lots of in May and the bluebells that you see in woodlands everywhere at this time of year. 

Did you know that if you find bluebells it usually means that you are in an ancient woodland and half the world’s English Bluebells are here in the UK?  They are a rich source of nectar for bees and other insects which is so important at this time of year.  You can tell an English Bluebell because it has white pollen, the flower heads droop and the edges turn back as the little bells open.  Our native species is under threat from the Spanish Bluebell that is spreading from gardens and cross pollinating.   

Sometimes people shy away from paler shades because they worry about them getting dirty especially if you play a lot of golf.  Don’t forget that we have engineered our own yarn, exclusive to the Glenbrae brand, to be completely machine washable with a durability that is hard to find, so even the palest colour will always look clean and bright.

They also give you the perfect opportunity to bring a lighter shade into your spring wardrobe.

Mist and Moon Blue are available in a range of styles and sizes.

For every colour of the month, we are offering you the chance to win a sweater in the chosen colour. Simply follow the link to enter-

We have already had four lucky winners who have been delighted to receive a sweater in a style of their choice. 


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