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Colour of the month- Ocean

This is the time of year when many of us are heading to warmer climates on our holidays, so our Colour of the Month, Ocean, evokes the beautiful seas some of you will be visiting around the world.  A wonderful blue green shade, Ocean is such a fantastic colour for your summer wardrobe.


Did you know that bodies of water such as oceans and seas look blue to us because of the way they react to sunlight?  Water absorbs colours from the red end of the spectrum leaving the bluer shades.  Around coastlines and beaches the shade of blue will depend on what lies beneath the water, whether it is sand or shingle and even what the sand is made from.


Around the Outer Hebrides the seas are as blue as the Mediterranean because in both places the sand is made largely from sea shells and is very pale, almost white. Although the Mediterranean does tend to be a shade warmer!


We offer our Ocean garments in a number of styles including crew neck, V-neck, slipover and zip neck.  All are made using our signature seamless technology and unique Spirol yarn and are hand finished by our highly-trained staff at our factory in Derbyshire, so you can be sure of the best quality from each and every British made Glenbrae jumper.

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