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Glenbrae Finest British Knitwear

October is the spookiest time of year so we simply had to choose Pumpkin as our colour of the month.

Available across our men’s and women’s ranges this shade is a deliciously warm orange, perfect for Autumn and very wearable, whether you choose a Zip Neck, V-Neck, Slipover or Crew Neck jumper.

Pumpkins were originally native to North America and are an important part of their traditional Thanksgiving dinner – representing the food Native Americans shared with the early pioneers.

But how did the pumpkin lantern become part of our Halloween festivities?  In the UK and Ireland, we have a long tradition for carving lanterns from vegetables such as swedes and turnips.  There is a myth in Ireland about a man called Stingy Jack who managed to outwit the devil several times and who wandered the land carrying an ember from the fires of hell inside a hollowed turnip and the tradition has since extended to pumpkins. This story may have travelled with migrants from Ireland to America and the pumpkin certainly makes a great lantern.

Our favourite style in the colour pumpkin is the merino long sleeved zip neck – a very practical option for our customers.  Our most experienced finishers put each and every zip in by hand, which is a very tricky and lengthy process.

If you would like to win a Pumpkin sweater in a style of your choice, it couldn't be easier! Follow the link to our Colour of the Month giveaway to enter- Ends 31/10/17 midnight.

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