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Craig Ronald

This week, we caught up with one of the new faces in our Brand Ambassador team, Craig Ronald, Head Professional at Carluke Golf Club, based over the borders in Scotland. We’ve had a blast supporting Craig so far, as his constant communication and approachable manner have made him a joy to work with. The feeling is mutual too, as Craig loves to wear Glenbrae and it has forged a strong relationship between himself and the brand. It also helps that Craig knows (and loves) quality..!

Recently been blessed by a beautiful granddaughter, Craig likes to spend his free time with the newest (and cutest) addition to the family. When he isn’t babysitting, he does like to enjoy the odd glass of Sauvignon Blanc and watch the F1, taking his mind away from golf for a few key hours – it’s always essential to help steady your mindset, especially when playing in competitions. No stranger to competition, Craig is currently playing on the Tartan Tour in Scotland, and is lining himself up for a crack at the Seniors Tour when he turns 50 (we know he doesn’t look old enough, but that’s only 4 years away!) Always prepared, Craig will always turn up on the day of an event early, “I never like rushing, preparation is the key to good golf, as the saying goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. I like to take my time, hit a few shots and limber up properly – it takes longer at my age!”

Although he doesn’t admit to any superstitions, Craig does have a routine of always wearing blue on the final day of any tournament. Apparently, this is because blue is one of Craig’s favourite colours, although we’re inclined to believe that it is a secret show of solidarity for his football club – Glasgow Rangers! When asked if he has a favourite colour in the Glenbrae range, Craig couldn’t choose – opting for a selection of light and dark colours, all of which can be paired perfectly with his golf trousers or a good pair of jeans for off-course time. Although we’re meant to be in the throes of the Summer months at the moment, Craig’s all-time favourite piece from the knitwear collection is the Lined sweater. “When it’s cold, there is nothing better to wear!”, perhaps it’s often cold up at Carluke, even in the Summer…!

Showing us his softer, Grampa side, Craig tells us that his favourite quote is “treat others the way you would want to be treated”, and although golf can be a cruel game, it’s a great mantra to live and work by. “You need to work hard at your game”, Craig tells us “the majority of people don’t realise what it takes to become a great golfer. When you think you’ve worked hard, but you don’t have sore hands – you haven’t worked hard enough. There is vast amounts of money to be made in golf if you’re willing to work for it, unfortunately it is also a cruel game and sometimes it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. But someone has to be the next star, so why not make it you?”

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