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Glenbrae Colour of the Month- Charcoal

As the nights draw in we have chosen a suitably dark shade, Charcoal, as our colour of the month for November.

The production of charcoal is a very ancient craft which involves constructing a conical shape out of wood, open at the bottom, with a central flue and often covered with turf or peat. The idea of this structure is to burn the wood and drive out the moisture, yielding a slow burning fuel. 

If you have read Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransom you may remember the Billies, charcoal burners from Cumbria, who led a nomadic life, camping out in the woods and tending their charcoal mounds.

Charcoal has a range of uses – horticultural, medicinal and artistic – but it was historically most important for its ability to provide a very intense heat for metal workers such as blacksmiths.

Our Charcoal jumpers are the only marl garments in the Glenbrae ranges.  We have long wanted to introduce this melange of colours and it has taken us a while to get the shade and performance yarn just right.  Most of our products are garment dyed but in order to achieve a marl, we had to go right back to our Spirol yarn and blend the colours during the spinning process to get the colour as deep and rich as you can see here.

If you like the Charcoal shade, you can enter our Colour of the Month giveaway to win one for yourself or as a gift. You can enter here, it’s simple. Good luck. This giveaway will end on November 30th at midnight. If you have missed this giveaway, don’t worry, we have one more left of 2017.  


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