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We are proud to have Jason McCreadie as one of our fantastic brand ambassadors. He has travelled the world as a Touring PGA Professional, in both Scotland and Europe.

Let’s start off by finding out how Jason likes to start the day for an event, “On the day of an event, I like to get to course 1hr 30mins before tee off. Start with putting, then warm up on range, a few more putts then off to the 1st tee”. We find a lot of golf Pros like to start the day nice and early, no rushing, not stress.

Although golf plays a huge part in a Pro’s life, we like to know what they get up to in their spare time. When we asked Jason what he gets up to he said, “I have an 11-year-old son who I take care of in my spare time which includes football and more golf with him”. Good to know you’re keeping golf in the family, Jason. “On none competitive days I practice on range first thing and then play a few holes after lunch”. Jason tells us he’s a major golf nut, but now helps out with his son's football team which gets him away from the game for a break. 


When talking about what Jason likes to wear on the course and colour, he told us that he likes both bright and dark colours but mostly dark, with his favourite colour being black. When we asked him which his favourite piece was, from the range - he said, “all of the collection is great but I really like the Merino zip long sleeve”. It does seem to one of the favourites amongst the Pros.

When wearing Glenbrae on the golf course, Jason loves how comfortable and smart our sweaters feel. He only wears black and navy trousers with our sweaters as he doesn't like light coloured ones, he says, “bit strange I know”. When choosing an outfit for the day, Jason always plans as it’s important to him to match and look smart.

This is a question all of our golf Pros seem to have a great answer to, and Jason is no exception. When we asked him if he has a favourite quote he said, “yes, a Bob Torrance quote”- “These are the best days of your life enjoy them".

Greg Norman has always been Jason's golfing hero, he loves the way he attacked the golf course.


At Glenbrae, made in the UK is quite a big deal to us, when we asked Jason his thoughts on the matter he said he always tries to buy UK products to support our nations. A man after our own heart.

Now for the question golf enthusiast like to know from a Pros, we asked Jason, if you could offer any advice what would it be? "Ask a lot of questions and take onboard everything. Work out what suits you the best and don't be scared to ask for advice”. Great advice.


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