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Working alongside Jon for the past few years has been a delight for us here at Glenbrae. Jon is unlike any of our other Brand Ambassadors, in that he is a keen golfer (we never stray too far from our roots…!) but he also dabbles in lots of other areas. Owning his own company, Elton Gidney, Jon splits his time between being a Pro Golfer, a Marketing and Sponsorship Consultant and managing his business.

Starting golf at the early age of 11, Jon has spent most of his life pursuing this passion, travelling to over 16 countries so far, playing in both Amateur and Professional tournaments.

Aiming high, Jon’s next goal is to qualify for the Open Championship. These achievements don’t come easy, however, Jon’s advice to anyone coming into the game would be to work smart, not hard. “For golfers playing at a high level, my advice would be to work and change parts of their game which they aren’t confident about.” Spending time thinking about technique which causes the bad shots – “So often I see high handicappers struggling with their game without any idea of what they’re doing wrong…if you can’t work out what you’re doing wrong, you’re not going to be able to fix it.”

Although Jon doesn’t have one particular sporting hero, he admires all of the athletes at the top of their sport. Jon goes on to say, “There is no short cut to success in sport, it’s the result of a lot of great work, dedication, and sacrifices. It’s so impressive how dedicated the great athletes are to their sport - Tiger Woods as an example.”

With the balancing of different job roles, Jon’sdiary is packed. A typical day will usually include playing Golf - often with a Guest, or at a Golf Event/Tournament. He usually has a business meeting or two, and in-between all of this he is regularly on his iPhone sending emails and checking/updating social media accounts for some of the Brands that he works with. This makes for a pretty varied day to day life. 

In his spare time, Jon enjoys playing Tennis – “I’ve just sneaked into Shropshire’s Men’s County Cup Tennis Team this summer which I’m looking forward to - It’s played on grass courts so I should be ok with this as a Golfer! I’ll try not to take any divots!”.

On the day of an event, Jon takes a different approach. If it’s a Professional Tournament he usually arrives around 90 minutes before tee off, and start to warm up 60 minutes before he starts the round, taking time to start and end the warm up on the putting green and hit some long shots in between. “For Golf Day’s and Corporate Events, my participation varies from playing in teams with guests or hosting a ‘Beat The Pro’ competition on one of the par 3’s. At these events, my warm up is significantly reduced (often non-existent!) and is usually replaced with a bacon sandwich and coffee in the clubhouse with the guests that day. This is fine with me!.”

Apart from Jon’s favourite number Golf Ball being 2, he doesn’t have any superstitions or rituals before a game, but this is something he is considering taking up for 2017 in the hope that it will turn him into a Major Winner!

When it comes to colour, Jon likes to mix it up, “I’d say my favourite colours are Black and a dark shade of Red, but I do have a couple of brighter items in my wardrobe which make an appearance now and again! My favourite Glenbrae colour at the moment is Olympia Blue.”

As a Glenbrae ambassador, we wanted to know why Jon chose Glenbrae- “I like to associate my career with brands that provide products or services of the highest quality that I use myself. I choose to wear Glenbrae because I love the products, and I am proud to be a Glenbrae Ambassador.” Which is a better reason than any.

Everyone has their favourite garment which suits them for style and practicalities, Jons key item is the Lambswool Zip Neck. “Fantastic piece! This is my favourite item - the quality is excellent, I like the look of the zip neck, and I feel comfortable wearing it both on and off the golf course.”

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