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Lee Dickson

Lee Dickson has represented Scotland and England in rugby and also represents Glenbrae. He has been a brand ambassador for 2 years and we are pleased to have a mix of sporting professionals, not just in the golfing field.  

Lee plays Professional rugby for Northampton Saints as Scrum Half and made his debut when playing in the 6 Nations for England against his former team, Scotland.

Lee spends the majority of his time rugby training, but his spare time is spent with his youngest, play golf or meeting friends for coffee or brunch. On the day of a match, Lee likes to have plenty of rest in the morning, followed by a pre-match meal (Heinz beans & sausage on toast). If only every day was a match day! 

When we asked Lee if he has any special rituals or superstitions before an event, he began to tell us about his routine, “I follow the same procedures in the same sequence before a game e.g. get shoulder strapped in a certain way; a packet of skittles; the same pre-match warm up on the pitch.” This is one of our favourite questions to ask our brand ambassadors, we asked Lee if he has a favourite quote and he replied with- "It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up" by Vince Lombardi, which is very true in rugby and in life.  

There are few sports professionals who don’t have a hero or someone they have looked up to throughout their career, Lee’s is Tanni Grey-Thompson. He admires her drive, determination and ambition to overcoming a tragic accident which left her paralysed. She then went on to be the most successful Paralympian athlete. What an inspiring person to have as your hero.  Lee’s advice for anyone wanting to make it in rugby is to always believe in yourself. “For all the times you get put down by others, use that as a drive to succeed and prove them wrong.”

We are proud to have Lee as a brand ambassador but we want to know what makes him proud to be a Glenbrae ambassador? His main reasons are that Glenbrae is fashionable and comfortable. “I also like the range of colours that you offer. I like being associated with Glenbrae because you offer quality products throughout all seasons.” Sporting figures appreciate having something fashionable yet practical for all weathers due to spending time outside. We can offer just this with our wide range of Lambswool & Merino. As we know Lee has a routine before a game, it comes as no surprise that he also plans every outfit. With his favourite colours to wear being red and blue, he likes to mix his Glenbrae sweaters with jeans or the ever more popular chinos. His favourite Glenbrae piece is unsurprisingly the Men's lambswool zipped neck, which seems to be the sweater of choice for the sporting man.

As made in the UK is very important to us at Glenbrae, we like to know how important it is to our representatives, and as you can imagine, the answer is unanimous. “Very much so. I will always support an English brand where I can. Keeping manufacturing within our country creates jobs and supports our economy on a micro and macro scale.” 


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