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Life of a golf professional pt. 6

This month’s blog is all about what I work on during the season and why. 

During the season you have to find an even balance between practice and play. I have a few set ways in which I practise in-season, which both my coach and I agree on.

Overall game.

 Setup is key for me…alignment and ball position are vital.

 I think that every player should spend some time using training sticks for good alignment and ball setup. I spend between 30-45 minutes every day doing this and I find that working on these 2 areas helps my swing to not move around too much.

Lots of mirror work.

 Sometimes I find it best to work on my swing whilst looking in a mirror or window. This way I can almost self-coach my swing and work on the areas which I can see. Also, this is convenient because I can do it at home or at work!


Putting rail.

I have recently bought one of these and find it great. I hit around 100 putts from within the 5 foot marker, every day. I also practise the compass drill. North, east, south, west - hitting 5 balls from each target.

Most of all is my head.

To help me get into a good mind-set with a clear head, I try to concentrate on positive thoughts. To help me with this, I also have a few favourite books which I read during the season. 


Never practise what you are good at, always what you need improvement on.

What are my thoughts on the course during competition play? 

During play I normally have two key swing thoughts for the day and two key thoughts for the mental side of my game.

Swing thoughts for the round: 

1. Making sure my right arm is behind my left arm or underneath. This makes me feel composed and also makes my shoulders align perfectly. This also helps my swing plane so that I can hit some great shots. I do this with all of my clubs. 

2. My last swing thought is keeping my weight on my left knee and forward throughout the swing. This is key for me, so that I cannot hit the ball left.

Mental thoughts for the round: 

1. I have a course card with me at all times and I keep this inside my back right pocket with my pin sheet and course guide so I have to get it out all the time. In fact, I get it out with every shot. 

 2. Be happy! To me, this is a big one…maybe even more important that my actual swing thoughts. If I have a setback, I don’t let it ruin my round. I will always try to do the best that I can.

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