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Mark James

With a long career on the European Tour and captained Europe in the 1999 Ryder Cup, it made sense to have Mark James as one of our brand ambassadors.

These days, he is a part-time golfer but is still very much involved in the golfing world as he is a commentator for European Tour Production. They have the same pictures as Sky but transmit to the Far East, Australasia, South Africa and frequently, the Golf Channel in the USA. Although Mark is now behind the screen, he still makes an effort with his attire. He doesn’t have a favourite colour but likes to keep it bright. “I tend not to wear red or yellow trousers these days so a brightly coloured sweater looks good with more subtle trousers.”

Now that we know Mark prefers brighter shades to darker, we want to know which is his favourite Glenbrae piece? “Merino sweater- just the right thickness, warm and comfy to wear.” In particular, Mark likes how easy our garments are to wear, the varied styles in Merino and Lambswool and the fact that it is British. Being made in the UK is important to Mark, but the product must be of good quality, just like Glenbrae.

When we asked Mark if he plans his outfits or if he throws something together on the day he said, “I plan, with help from my wife Jean, it’s very easy for men to get confused over clothes.”

Now, with the clothing formalities out the way, we want to know more about Marks day to day life. “On tournament days, I practice for around 1 to 1½ hours, play the game and then practice again afterwards for around 1 to 2 hours, maybe some gym work after that- mainly aerobic and stretching.” At home, Mark  likes to work out, tend to the garden, and play some social golf. He also likes to partake in winter skiing.

We asked Mark if he has any superstitions or rituals, to which he said: “No, but I don’t eat lamb shanks during a tournament.” Apparently, this is common sense but we can’t say we’ve heard of this one. Marks favourite quote is from Ken Brown, after 1 hole of a Pro-Am in the 1970’s- “Mark- I can’t take any more.” His sporting hero is Jack Nicklaus. “He emerged when I was a kid and was a new type of golfer. I have been lucky enough to play with him five or six  times and he lived up to everything I had hoped for as a golfer and a gentleman.” Finally, we asked Mark if he had any advice to give to anyone in his profession? “Get advice from more than one source.” As good advice as any. 

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