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Glenbrae Finest British Knitwear

Merino or Lambswool

When it comes to wool, we like to think that we’re the experts. For generation upon generation we have crafted the finest fibres from the very heart of the textiles capital of the world – Yorkshire. Our knowledge and experience has led us to developing two totally unique, yet innovative fibres, meaning that we have all of your knitwear requirements fulfilled.

Wool is the original performance fabric that other technical fabrics set out to replicate. Using our unique SPIROL yarn, our garments ensure the ultimate performance, whilst also remaining comfortable and durable.

Here’s what you need to know…



Traditionally, Lambswool is a heavier weight yarn than Merino. Perfect for colder weather, Lambswool is spun thicker to ensure extra warmth whilst out on the course. Lambswool is also ideal for day-to-day wear in the colder months as it has excellent temperature control, locking in body heat and creating a buffer against the cold.



Our Merino garments are much lighter weight than our Lambswool garments – spun finer, yet still exceptionally strong, they are the perfect ‘year round’ piece of knitwear. Offering excellent UV protection from both UVA and UVB rays, yet also letting your body breathe and release moisture, Merino is an ideal choice for the summer rounds. Our Merino knitwear also looks spectacular when off the fairway too.

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