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Mill Tour Prize

You may remember our fantastic giveaway over the Christmas period, which we named the 'Glenbrae 12 days of Christmas', where for just under a fortnight there were great prizes to be won. This ranged from a cashmere scarf to a mill tour & fourball. Rebecca O'Grady was lucky enough to win the latter. She requested to have the mill tour in February and is playing the fourball at Ganton Golf Club in April. Probably a wise idea - much more chance of good weather.    

Becki brought her friends Janet & Debbie along for the experience. Richard Brown, the owner of Spa Mill and Glenbrae, conducted the mill tour as he is naturally the most knowledgeable about the processes and history of the mill. 

Glenbrae HQ is set over 5 floors in a traditional Yorkshire spinning mill. For the tour, we started in the basement where the wool is brought into us in its purest form and begins the spinning process.  

A few floors (and a lot of steps) up, the yarn begins the next spinning process to make it as fine as we need it to create the super fine material we use for knitting Glenbrae sweaters. 

Becki and her friends found it fascinating to see our sweaters being embroidered with different golf club crests. We even found them an example of their clubs crest - Becki is Lady Captain at her club, Howley Hall, so we knew this mill tour would be interesting to her and her golf enthusiast friends.

No mill tour is complete without a little parting gift. Here are Becki, Janet and Debbie sporting their Glenbrae Merino scarves in Navy, Iris and Lilly. In April, we will also be hearing about how Becki and her friends got on at Ganton for their fourball, so stay tuned for the full story. 

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