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Planning a photo shoot can be very, very difficult - we are very lucky that our Yorkshire spinning mill provides the perfect back drop and setting for all of our photo shoots. However, that is where the easy part ends!

There is so much planning which goes into a photo shoot, and even when you think you’ve thought of everything, there will still be something you have forgotten! How many models do we need? Do we need a male and a female? How many products are we shooting? How many days do we need to do it over? Will all of the new product be ready in time? Can the factory make it in this tight deadline we have set for them? The list goes on (and on!)

Then we have to think about the planning of each and every shot - what look are we going for?

The reason behind this shoot was to get some amazing shots for our website, so we had a very simple brief to stick to – clean and simple yet striking shots which are consistent with one another! But just because we were working to a brief, doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun…

Like all best laid plans…… we had a few teething issues straight off the bat. The backdrop that our photographer Richard had brought with him looked just like a wrinkled stocking on all of the shots – highlighting every crease and wrinkle tenfold (not a good look when we are trying to show off the garment, not the background!) Luckily for us, he only lives ten minutes away from the mill, so while he went to pick up a replacement backdrop, we could finish steaming the garments. It also meant that our glamorous makeup artist, Lauren, could perfect the hair and makeup she had done for our gorgeous female model, Lanna. Beautiful! 

There is a lot of improvisation that goes on throughout a typical photo shoot day. We always find that a shot can look great to the naked eye, but as soon as you view it on the screen it becomes a different story. Creases here, shadows there…so it can often take 10 shots just to get the 1 perfect outcome. Patience is required, along with lots of coffee!

After a successful morning with the lovely Lanna, our afternoon centered around John - our handsome male model. 

With John, we had to do a lot more shots than with Lanna. We hit gold with this pair though, and totally lucked out with both Lanna and John. Although we have worked with Lanna lots of times previously (is she now becoming the female face of Glenbrae?!), it was a first time with John. They both threw themselves into the whole day. There was no warming up for the camera and their enthusiasm never waned – so much so that we actually can’t wait for you to see the finished shots!

Day 2 of our shoot didn’t include any models at all. We wanted to capture our newly developed showroom, which over the past few weeks has been like a phoenix rising out of the ashes…

Getting these product shots just right often involves meticulously folding garments around pieces of paper to give them structure, and when you have someone with a keen eye for detail (like our designer Charlotte) we can be there a long, long time making the items look their very best.

A few hours later than we were expecting (sorry Richard!) we were able to give ourselves a thoroughly deserved pat on the back. The last thing we always do is one final check through our shoot list to make sure we haven’t missed anything. In this case; we had………but hopefully you’ll never even notice which shot we had to set it all back up for…!!

We can’t wait for you to see all of our new shots, coming to our website soon!

A special thank you to Richard, Lauren, Lanna and John – what a team!

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