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Paul Broadhurst

Paul Broadhurst's fantastic win at the Seniors Open is enough to inspire us all, especially after he contemplated retiring from golf just a few years ago. If you want to emulate Paul and play like a winner, here is a little insight into his golfing world.


With his recent win in mind, we thought we would start by asking Paul about his dazzling career in golf “I've been a Golf Professional for 28 years now, playing on the European Tour for 23 of these, with 6 victories and having played in the 1991 Ryder Cup at Kiawah Island, in the USA. I turned 50 in August 2015 and I now play on the European Senior Tour where I recorded my first victory on my debut at the Scottish Senior Open just recently”.

After delving into Paul’s career, we also wanted to know what he gets up to on a day to day basis, including when he is away from golf!

 “A typical day for me, when I'm not at a tournament, will be spent at Northants County Golf Club, working with my coach Tim Rouse or at my friend, Warwick Stevens, Golf Range in Bramcote. I'll work through the morning then go home and do any paperwork”.

Apart from the working side of life, we wanted to know what Paul does in his spare time, “The rest of the day will include the school run at 3pm, followed by an evening meal with a glass of wine or beer to relax”. Paul tells us how he likes to tend to his garden and concentrates on being very family orientated, as he feels he can sometimes miss out on this side of life and it is such a huge part for him. 

We took Paul on a bit of a trip down memory lane when we quizzed him about his ultimate sporting hero…“Seve Ballesteros was my sporting hero when I was growing up in the late 70's/early 80's. To play in the same team as him in 1991 Ryder Cup was incredible and to compete each week against him was a boyhood dream. He was truly a Golfing Legend who will never be forgotten.”

Now, for the part that all golfers like to know – we asked Paul if he has any advice or tips for budding golfers. “In my sporting field, I have played with hundreds of amateurs all trying hard to improve their scores each day. You watch them all on the range smashing their driver as far as they can or hitting an iron to a green. Then you look across at the chipping green and it is empty apart from the Pros. Incredible really, as this is the one department of the game where you can improve the most with practice. So all you amateurs out there looking to reduce your handicap, practise your short game more!”.


Now, naturally we would want to know about Paul’s attire, we asked him if he prefers darker or brighter shades “Generally, I tend to wear darker colours, blues and black but I have been known to show my wilder side by wearing brighter colours in the Winter months when I am more likely to wear the thicker lambswool sweaters”. Paul continued, “My favourite garment is the Merino Wool Slip Over. It can be worn over a shirt or as an under-sweater on the chillier days.” We also like to nosey at how the Pros plan their outfits for a tournament. When we asked Paul, he said he always packs 5 matching outfits in his case when he goes to a tournament. “Trousers, shirt and a sweater for each day as I like to know what I'll be wearing that week”. Very forward thinking Paul.

Let’s get down to the important question, we asked Paul why he likes to wear Glenbrae, “I play my best golf when I feel good and that includes the clothes I wear on the course. That is why I choose Glenbrae, they fit well, look great and that makes me feel good”. We were delighted with this answer as we aim for everyone to feel good in what we make.

Paul finished by saying, “Obviously ‘Made in the UK’ is important to me. It is good to keep our economy going whilst knowing the quality will be second to none as Glenbrae control every process of producing their sweaters. 


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