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Richard Lambert

At Glenbrae, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the best Pro’s and coaches in the UK, Richard Lambert is no exception. Named as one of the Today’s Golfers Top 50 UK Golf Coaches, Richard has more than a few strings to his bow, as he also spends his days as the Head Professional and Manager at Crosland Heath Golf Club. Extending his busy career, Richard also runs the most successful Junior Academy in the local area, placing a lot of importance on junior development. Through determination and hard work, Richard has got to where he is today, and his advice to anyone else looking to break into the golf scene would be to work just as relentlessly. “To anyone, I would say move around. Try to work in all types of clubs; municipal, private, proprietary… This will improve your knowledge of all parts of the industry and you will learn to deal with all types of people.” In the Pro Shop at Crosland Heath, you can see etched onto the walls one of Richard’s all-time favourite quotes, and it will come as no surprise that it is inspired by dedication and hard work.

“Man has always got to keep striving for perfection no matter what his walk in life is. You have got to keep striving. The man who does not keep striving for perfection can put his clubs in his locker, for he is the boot hill, he is finished!” – Bob Torrance.

A self-confessed ‘golf geek’, Richard’s days are taken up by his duties at the club; spending time in the office and Pro Shop, teaching, playing with members, committee meetings (and even changing light bulbs!). Any free time away from the club or his family is spent swotting up on golf swings through the use of books and his iPad!

Through all of his time playing, teaching and researching, Richard has developed a few superstitions when it comes to the game…”I never use a white tee or a number 2 ball” he tells us.

Crosland Heath Golf Club is literally a stone’s throw away from the Glenbrae mill, in fact, from the 9th green – you can see the mill on the landscape! This means a lot to both Richard and his members, who ‘Made in the UK’ means a lot too – and it’s an even nicer touch when the members can actually see the mill as they play. This is one of the reasons Richard loves being one of our Brand Ambassadors, twin this with the heritage surrounding the brand and it’s a no brainer for Richard. Selling the brand in the Pro Shop also means that Richard can offer knowledge to his customers, but also rest assured that the product he is selling is the best.

When it comes to personal style, as much as his wife tries to get him to wear brighter colours, Richard tends to gravitate towards blue shades (which is handy, as we have a fair few!) and wears his knitwear with everything, both on and off the course. Favouring the Merino Zip Neck Slip Over when playing, as it offers an extra bit of protection against the winds that can be experienced up at Crosland Heath. Richard is a great advert for our Lambswool Zip Neck too, choosing not to wear this for playing in, but when he is watching his boys play football on a weekend! “I choose a garment for the day”, Richard tells us…”and at the moment, that means a lot of dark colours because of all the rain!!”.

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