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Style of the Month- Crew Neck

In the Glenbrae collections, you will find lots of crew necks for both men and women in a myriad of colours.  Will you choose Cranberry, Mist, Pumpkin, Hibiscus or Iris?  Will you plump for Lambswool or Merino? Most people have at least one of this shape of jumper in their wardrobe whether it’s for golfing or everyday wear.  A classic shape that is so easy to wear and accessories.

The garment was originally given its name because it was worn by rowing crews – logical when you think about it.  But in America, they took this garment a stage further by turning it into a T-shirt crew neck, developed in 1932 as an undergarment for American Football players to absorb sweat and prevent chaffing! Adopted by the US Navy it became known as the ‘Gob’ shirt but in German American neighbourhoods, it is still called the ‘Schrank’ which means cupboard or closet, no idea why.

The Glenbrae crew neck is made using our seamless garment technology, which gives a great fit across all sizes.  The neck is knitted separately but dyed with the main garment to ensure colour consistency, before being hand linked on to the garment body.  All our processes give you a superior garment that is a delight to wear and will maintain the same fit year after year.

We have a great selection of shades in our Crew Neck sweaters, available in Lambswool and Merino. If you would like to win one of your very own, follow the link to enter our Style of the Month giveaway- 

This giveaway will end on May 31st when we will be thinking about our next style for June. 

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