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The Head Professional's View

Welcome to the first blog from Aaron Hodkin. After successfully building a coaching academy of 3 years teaching fellow professional’s, international players, members, gents, ladies and junior golfers, working with all abilities he has become the newly appointed Head Professional at Wheatley Golf Club.

Having been appointed as a Head Professional at what I would consider to be a young age (26) my experience and open personality has allowed me to mix with all types of people. This, I feel, is an important factor when providing a service to members and visitors, whether that be for tuition or retailing.

Wheatley is a fantastic course to be based at as there is a variety of holes but not one of them is the same. I was drawn to the course also as it has a good mixture of par 4’s, 3’s and 5’s. Not only that, it is sand based so has a great all year round golf reputation as it’s always in great condition.

I have been at the golf club for 11 years having represented the club as well as Sheffield, Yorkshire and England at amateur level. I decided to turn professional in 2009 and have Wheatley as my attachment.

Before I started the club shop was run by well-known retailer Steven Fox for 24 years. He had a very successful career and was well known for carrying a vast variety of stock.  However I took it upon myself to create an environment that best suited my vision of what the modern day pro shop should feel like, giving some clear difference from the high street and well known internet dominants we come to call competition. 

The shop took a week to get refurbished of which we never closed for business. I was opening at 7 in the morning and not locking up till gone 1am. There are still some things to get completed but is fully functioning with top brands such as Glenbrae.

I feel like I have added to the golf club bringing the shop up to date with a more modern retail environment with music and a warm welcome at all times, offering a sofa and coffee machine for members to come in and be at ease.

Next month we will find out how Aaron gets on with the Golf Club's members.

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