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The Head Professional's View Pt.2

Communicating with Club Members

A big key to customer satisfaction is based on communication in my opinion, therefore when each month comes to an end I have created a newsletter for the golf club which goes out to all the membership covering topics of the pro shop, special offers along with functions in the club house and green staff comments. Regular course updates via email also has been a great input allowing the membership to prepare for the weather, visiting parties and competitions. The popularity of social media seems to be on a constant growth which more and more people are utilising now, in the forms of video, images and writing. 


I also use text and phone calls via the professional shop to inform people on certain products either if they have placed an order or new arrivals helping to keep the membership up to date with deliveries first. Along with that I have created my own EPOS system that captures a database of users and purchasing trends allowing me to know more about my customers not only to create a better service but also to create better buying for future seasons. This also allows accurate dating on purchases allowing manufacturer warranties to be monitored and backed up if required. 


We are in a world of which is evolving faster and faster with technology with the masses using it, having a busy teaching schedule more and more people come to lessons with tablets or mobile smart phones asking for videos and feedback on practice sessions. Technology certainly isn’t everything, and for those solely relying on social media as a business plan shouldn’t act so naively however you will be losing ground if your not using the public trending platforms of communications. 


My Own Thoughts..

Aaron Hodkin

Head Professional

Wheatley Golf Club

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