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Why is Merino good in warm weather?


Golf in the Summer? Wool is still the very best thing you can wear, no matter what the temperature...

Wool is the very best material for sports performance wear, and here are the reasons why...

Excellent UV Protection

Merino wool absorbs potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays, unlike most synthetic fibres.

Superior Moisture Absorption

The harder you work (and the hotter it is), the harder your Glenbrae sweater will work...Merino is a natural fibre that is far more absorbent than any synthetic fibre, this allows it to retain up to 35% moisture, without it feeling uncomfortable. Wool also generates heat as it absorbs moisture, so if your sweater does become damp, you still stay warm and feel dry.

Natural Insulation and Temperature Control

Merino wool is an excellent insulator that locks in body heat and creates a barrier against the cold. However, when the heat is on, it also lets your body breathe and release moisture.

Technically, Merino wool is the best fibre for all weather conditions; warm and sunny, or wet and cold, the natural properties of the wool will help to protect you from the elements on the fairway.

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