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Why Yorkshire is the Heart of the Textiles Industry

Nestled in the rolling hills of West Yorkshire, our original mill has cemented its place in spinning history.

For in Yorkshire, it is common knowledge that we used to be renowned the world over for our textiles mills and industry. It is why, even today, the local landscape is still littered with mills. Impressive, imposing buildings converted into luxury apartments, shopping centres and offices.

But our mill still stands. In all of its spinning glory.

We manufacture our seamless garments in our Yorkshire home, due to the vast amount of history which engulfs us here.
The good natural resources which surround us lend themselves to producing the very best product in the world. It was discovered that the water which flows through the county's rivers gave excellent results for washing raw wool, paired with the good character of the inhabitants of the area - Yorkshire quickly became the place to manufacture textiles. Even in this day and age, Yorkshire is synonymous with the spinning and fine woollen cloth industry.

And now, we are ready for #TheNextChapter

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