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Wool Campaign

As specialist knitwear manufacturers, we have decided to launch a campaign to promote the quality of wool that we use for our garments. Our business is seeking to highlight the huge differences that grades of wool can make to the overall look, feel and wearability of a garment. 

Our business is steeped in tradition and heritage, and as such is a well-respected and authoritative voice in the industry. At Glenbrae we pride ourself on the fact that only the very best wool is selected for our fine-quality lambswool and merino garments.


Our owner and founder of Glenbrae, Richard Brown, says: “I am proud of our heritage here at Glenbrae, and it’s only right that we should be at the forefront of championing the best in wool. With cheap foreign imports and poor quality imitations, in many cases the consumer is being duped into purchasing sub-standard garments. Through this campaign, we hope to educate the public on the many reasons why only the best will do”.

“The benefits of our carefully chosen wool include durability, absorbency and comfort, and these go hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability. Our team works with the natural properties of merino wool and lambswool to craft garments that are softer, stronger, and more practical than anything else available today. The attention to detail that goes into everything we do comes across in the quality of our product.”

Our wool is a natural resource, and choosing the very best around ensures that garments are both comfortable and flexible, with an extra soft handle. Using only the very first shearing from New Zealand or Australian lambs, and selecting only the softest and strongest fibres, our experts at Glenbrae’s Huddersfield mill ensure that quality is spun into every piece.

Over the years we have watched the culture of fashion become more and more disposable, with items thrown away and replaced by new, synthetic fabrics at a faster and faster rate. We are combatting this throw-away culture by championing the all-natural, renewable, recyclable nature of fine wool. Our tried and tested process of selecting the best materials makes sure that its garments are the highest quality, with a long lifespan to match. 

With a focus on quality that balances the needs of customers, suppliers and employees alike, Glenbrae garments continue to lead the way in both performance and practicality. Our rich heritage combines with innovative thinking to produce some of the best knitwear available today.

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