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We at Glenbrae are delighted to be the Official Knitwear Partner of the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. In this 75th anniversary year of the Battle of Britain, we are helping to raise significant funds for this wonderful cause through several different campaigns which you can read about here.

On Saturday 8th August we kick-started our campaign. Our mill in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield played host to the last remaining airborne WW2 Spitfire, with a spectacular flypast witnessed not only by us, but hundreds of local residents and WW2 veterans. This beautiful and iconic plane roared overheard, causing many a goosebump for the crowd below. The Spitfire completed its’ flypast before offering a solemn salute, leaving an incredibly humbled crowd. The awe for the skilled pilot could be heard by the gasps below, as he navigated the plane within touching distance of the mill.

On the day, we were very fortunate that several local veterans were able to join us for our flypast. We talked for hours about their stories of the Battle of Britain, and they offered us unrivalled insight into their experiences and memories from that time.

We are truly proud to be British.

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