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Glenbrae Finest British Knitwear

Introducing Glenbrae Plus

Designed specifically for our knitwear and using the world’s most advanced machinery, Glenbrae Plus using our 3D embroidery process, takes your knitwear to the next level. Match your brand identity, club colours or personal preferences exactly. You can specify the colour, crest design and embroidery on every garment. Whether you want knitwear in your own choice of colour, or your organistation’s embroidered logo in pin-sharp detail, with Glenbrae Plus, the only limit is your imagination.

Custom embroidery

We employ the highest level of skill and detail when it comes to cresting. Our technicians use the world’s most advanced embroidery machines and the finest Madeira thread to deliver maximum detail and resolution, and a superior look and feel.

Custom colours

With our own dye-house, we can offer societies, clubs and businesses a potentially
limitless range of colour options, to match almost any brand palette or identity.


Everything about Glenbrae Plus is unique – including our attention to detail. We carry out a wealth of quality control checks and measures, including everything from hand tensioning tests, to hand pressing each and every crest.

To find out how Glenbrae Plus could transform your business, simply contact:

Danielle Brown at or on +44(0)1484 843732